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Shabbat is a day of rest that begins on Friday at sunset with the lighting of candles. Our unique and beautiful candles will help usher in an extra special Shabbat. Free Shipping Included!

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"Shabbat Is For Everyone. It Is An Ancient Antidote To Our Modern Ailments." - VOGUE

Here's What's In the Box...

• Two beautifully hand-dipped candles for each Friday night (4 or 5 sets)

• A prayer card with Shabbat blessings in Hebrew, English, and Hebrew transliteration

• A reference to the specific Torah reading for each week of that month

• The gift of light: from us to you, you to a loved one, or, if you're lucky, a loved one to you

Free Shipping Included!

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Every Month Is Unique!

Every month we send a personalized letter to the recipient from the Shabbat Candle Club. Additionally, we outline the details about the specially chosen candles for that month. Free Shipping Included!

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Free Shipping Included!

Quality Candles

Our colorful candles are handcrafted and come in unique designs each month

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Shabbat Candle Club subscriptions can be given anytime

Perfect Gift!

Subscriptions are a great gift for loved ones, lifecycle events, holidays, celebrations, and weddings

Made with Love

Each box of candles is hand packaged and shipped with love

Shipped Monthly: Orders must be received by midnight MT on the 15th of each month
* December 2021 orders need to be completed by midnight MT, December 10th

If you need something immediately -- we provide Membership Certificates to print or Digital Gift Cards

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Our Story

In the midst of a global pandemic, as we sat at home on Friday nights (and all nights actually) we missed the joy and community we felt in our old regular days. We wanted to find a way to bring a feeling of peace, calm, and reflection to people in a time where so many of us were feeling isolated and alone. With some extra time on our hands and the desire to stay focused on something positive, we formed Shabbat Candle Club to send strength, healing, beauty, celebration, connection and light into our community and the world.

The inspiration for Shabbat Candle Club actually came about in March of 2019. Aaron Atwell married Karli and was inspired by her deep commitment to Judaism. After his daughters' Bat Mitzvahs Aaron was compelled to travel his own Jewish journey. As a 50 year-old, Aaron chose to be called to the Torah to become Bar Mitzvah with 15 others in an adult B'nai Mitzvah. Vayakhel was the Torah portion for that week which included instructions to bring gifts to the Temple made of gold, silver, and copper; blue, purple, and crimson yarns, fine linen, and acacia wood. Aaron made yaads (ceremonial sticks used to follow along while reading from the Torah) from a fallen blaze maple tree in his yard to give as gifts to his cohorts and decorated the yaads accordingly with many beautiful colors.

As non-Jewish, long time friends, Kyle and Mara wanted to give Aaron a meaningful gift to recognize his Bar Mitzvah that incorporated these special colors as well as recognizing Aaron’s calling to join the Jewish faith. This is where the Shabbat Candle Club was born. Kyle created and gave Aaron the first three-month Shabbat Candle Club subscription with candles in crimson and blue with a golden flame, the specific Torah readings for each Shabbat, candle lighting times and a personalized letter. On the inside of the box they included the hand made sealed “A” that you will still find inside our boxes today- as a nod to the past, the origin of the Shabbat Candle Club, and the lasting strength of life-long, interfaith friendships.

Frequently Asked Questions


When will the candles arrive?
Candles will be shipped at the end of the month in which you order in time to arrive for the first Friday of the following month.
For example, if you order on January 10th, the candles will arrive by the first Friday in February.

2023 Shipping Schedule
Orders received December 16 - January 15 will arrive by Shabbat on February 3, 2023
Orders received January 16 - February 15 will arrive by Shabbat on March 3, 2023
Orders received February 16 - March 15 will arrive by Shabbat on April 7, 2023
Orders received March 16 - April 15 will arrive by Shabbat on May 5, 2023
Orders received April 16 - May 1 will arrive by Shabbat on June 2, 2023
Orders received May 16 - June 15 will arrive by Shabbat on July 7, 2023
Orders received June 16 - July 15 will arrive by Shabbat on August 4, 2023
Orders received July 16 - August 15 will arrive by Shabbat on September 1, 2023
Orders received August 16 - September 15 will arrive by Shabbat on October 6, 2023
Orders received September 16 - October 15 will arrive by Shabbat on November 3, 2023
Orders received October 16 - November 15 will arrive by Shabbat on December 1, 2023
Orders received November 16 - December 15 will arrive by Shabbat on January 5, 2024

When will the candles arrive if I order after the 15th of the month?
Subscriptions purchased after the 15th will ship the following month.
For example, if you order on Jan. 27th, your order will arrive for the first Friday in March.
* December orders for January subscriptions need to be completed by 11:59PM MT, December 10th

How will the candles be shipped?
Your candles will be shipped via USPS.

How can I track my shipment?
The buyer will receive an email with tracking and delivery information.

Do you ship internationally?
We do not ship internationally at this time.

Change or Cancel Order

How do I change or cancel an order after I check out?
If you are interested in canceling your order before our shipping date please contact us by email at feedback@shabbatcandleclub.com. Orders that have been sent cannot be canceled.

How do I change or cancel an order before I check out? (eg. edit quantity/delete item)
Click on basket icon in upper right hand corner when you are on the subscription page. Click on "View Basket" and click on the trash can icon next to the item you want to delete or change the quantity as desired for any subscription and then click on "update basket".


If it’s a gift, how will the recipient know who it’s from?
The name used for billing will be included in the personalized letter, unless you specify a different name(s) in the message box on the order form.

How can I include a personalized note?
If you included a message to the recipient on your order form it will be included in the initial personalized letter arriving in the first month’s subscription.

I'm buying this as a gift. What can I give since your shipment probably won't align with the special occasion?
We offer Digital Gift Cards. We also made this membership certificate for you to give to let the gift recipient know they are part of something special and can expect candles for each month of their gift subscription.


Will the candles be the same every month?
To keep it interesting, the colors and styles will vary.

What size are the candles?
Although the styles may vary based on supplies, typically the candles will be approximately 0.65” in diameter x 5” in height.

How long will the candles burn?
The candles typically burn for 3 ½ hours

Are your candles dripless?
In ideal conditions the candles only minimally drip. With air flow, candles get additional oxygen and they will drip. Avoid drafts and be sure to keep the wicks trimmed to ¼ inch. We recommend using a candle mat under your candle sticks or a bobeche to gather any wax. The parchment paper included in your box of candles could be used as a mat. As an example we use a recycled coffee bag with the silver lining out. Some wax will gather on your candle sticks. A few minutes in the freezer and the “waxcicles” can be removed.

How many candles will be shipped?
Five pairs of candles.

I received a broken candle or candles; what do I do?
Email us at feedback@shabbatcandleclub.com and we’ll be happy to work with you to come to a resolution.

Additional Questions?

Email us at feedback@shabbatcandleclub.com and we’ll be happy to help!

What Customers Are Saying...

"Our friends got their candles and love them! Thanks so much!"

"Our first candles arrived and are beautiful!"

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